Armidale's Welder's Dog craft brewery heads to Port Macquarie Beer and Cider Festival

Welders Dog colleagues Tom Croft, Phil Stevens and Daniel Emery.
Welders Dog colleagues Tom Croft, Phil Stevens and Daniel Emery.

Armidale's craft brewery the Welder's Dog will represent the city at the Beer and Cider Festival in Port Macquarie next month.

"We're really excited," the company's Jade Meddemmen said. "Port Macquarie's a cool area. We love heading down to the areas where we have customers and a following down there as well. So, yeah, it'll be a good event to go to!"

This is the first time the brewery will go to the festival. More than 3000 people are expected to attend the event on Saturday, November 16; there will be 50 different beers and ciders, as well as live music, gourmet food, games, and a beer keg toss.

The Welder's Dog goes all around Australia for beer and cider festivals throughout the year, Ms Meddemmen said.

"It helps with our awareness around Australia. There are a lot of craft beer breweries in Australia, so it's a great opportunity to go and show the community what we offer ... and meet other breweries and cideries."

Tom Croft and Daniel Emery opened the Welder's Dog bar on Marsh Street in 2014 to offer independent beverages that weren't seen in many bars around town.

Two years ago, they opened a replica bar in Tamworth, and their brewery a month later, producing beers and alcoholic lemonade and ginger beer.

"The brewery basically stemmed from the fact that while owning their bars, they'd never seen a ginger beer that wasn't too sweet," Ms Meddemmen said. "They wanted something a bit more refreshing and easygoing, and thought why not try to make one?"

Ms Meddemmen believes the Welder's Dog is successful because it offers a point of difference in the competitive craft brewery market.

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