Concerns over Heron’s Creek biofuel site

No Electricity from Forests (N.E.F.F) condemns plans by BORAL to use native forest wood to fuel a diesel and bitumen plant project near Heron’s Creek, (“Potential biofuel refinery in region”, Port Macquarie News 24.08.18). 

BORAL’s plan to access native forest biomass for a so-called renewable diesel and bitumen facility shouldn’t even be considered, let alone gifted half a million dollars of taxpayer’s money for a so-called ‘feasibility study.

Native forests are not logged sustainably now, and their use as either energy or fuel is possibly the worst scenario that could be considered.  Before this half million dollar grant, BORAL extracted $8.5 million dollars from taxpayer’s money for ‘lack of supply’ (of sawlogs). That ‘North Coast forests are being logged faster than they can grow back’ was the verdict of the Auditor General in 2009 regarding the timber supply agreement from the late 1990’s. Now BORAL is coming back for more.

It’s outrageous that the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Arena) would even contemplate this use of our land based carbon sink, our native forests.  It’s against proven science.   

Josh Frydenberg, Minister for Environment and Energy, announced the ARENA decision with David Gillespie, National Party MP.  ARENA was under Josh Frydenberg’s portfolio before his switch to Treasurer after the recent spill. 

The decision to fund BORAL has been made before the NSW State government has finalised its Regional Forest Agreement review, which would determine if industrialised logging of native forests can continue.  

This demonstrates a complete disregard for proper process” says Frank Dennis. “It assumes BORAL will again be the recipient of most NSW native forest wood and that the ‘supply’ shall be found when BORAL needs it. This decision has been made without any independent audit of the ‘feasibility’ of supply. 

Frank Dennis

Spokesperson No Electricity from Forests