Kempsey records coldest August morning since records began in 1882

Clear skies: Weatherzone is forecasting continuing clear, blue skies for the remainder of the working week.
Clear skies: Weatherzone is forecasting continuing clear, blue skies for the remainder of the working week.

It was a bit cool on Monday morning here in sunny Port Macquarie-Hastings, but our immediate northern neighbours at Kempsey recorded their coldest August morning temperature since records began in 1882.

According to weatherzone, Monday’s minimum in Kempsey of -3.2 degrees, 

The previous coldest August morning was a -2.2 degrees in 2005.

Weatherzone uses two sets of data, for first is based on modern meteorological records covering the previous 20 years while historic figures dating back to 1882 are also used.

Meteorologist Brett Dutschke says Port Macquarie enjoyed a minimum temperature on August 13 of 3.1 degrees.

That was at 1.30am ‘before the wind picked up and mixed the air around to warm things up’.

"That was not the case in Kempsey," he said. "Kempsey recorded its coldest morning in over 11 years when the temperature dropped to -3.2 degrees.

"The coldest recorded temperature is -3.6 degrees in July 2007.

"There was also a very noticeable wind chill factor in play for the remainder of the morning too.

"At sunrise in Port Macquarie-Hastings, the temperature was 5 degrees but felt more like 0 and by 8am the temperature gauge was up to 9 degrees but it felt more like 4 degrees."

The weather forecaster said there is no chance of significant rain in the coming weeks.

He did concede there could be 'the chance of a few spots' mostly likely on Thursday night.

"We are looking at a number of fronts passing over the region throughout this week and Thursday night's front could contain a few spots of rain," he said.

The dry times are continuing.

Brett Dutschke

"Next weekend will likely be the strongest front forecast but, like most fronts this season, it features a lot of south westerly winds which has a lot of drying out in them.

"In the lead up to these fronts, there is very little moisture in the air.

"The dry times are continuing."

The forecast for the remainder of the working week will see a maximum temperature of 20 degrees on Monday with clear skies.

Tuesday will start off with a 2 degree minimum with another 20 degree day.

Wednesday will see a minimum temperature of 2 degrees and 24 degree maximum while Thursday will start with a 6 degree morning and 23 degrees during the day.

Mr Dutschke said Friday's minimum temperature will be about 5 degrees with a maximum temperature of 20 degrees.

Next weekend will likely see minimums of around 3 to 4 degrees and a maximum on Saturday of 23 degrees and about 20 degrees on Sunday.

Out to sea, Monday will feature southerly winds reaching 20 to 25 knots but dropping off for Tuesday to about 20 knots in the morning.

Waves and swell will be between 1 to 2 metres on Monday and Tuesday before dropping off by mid week. The winds will pick up toward the end of the working week.

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