Students at CSU Port Macquarie come together to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2018

There was a large turnout for NAIDOC Week activities at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Port Macquarie on July 11.

Celebrating culture and the power of strong women students and faculty members came together for a lunch on the campus lawns.

Aboriginal student Courtney Mason said she was proud to be an Aboriginal woman.

“NAIDOC Week is a special week when we come together and celebrate our culture, our history and our language,” Miss Mason said.

“This year the NAIDOC theme Because of Her, We Can is such a powerful message to young women about the importance of females in both our culture and in the community.

“Looking at my role models I look up to powerful Aboriginal women in our community and I am so proud and happy that we are celebrating them.”

Another student, Blake Clarke said he was happy that the NAIDOC theme specifically recognised women.

“NAIDOC Week is about celebrating culture and ensuring that the past and our heritage is remembered and recognised into the future,” Mr Clarke said.

“It is also about acknowledging the contribution of Indigenous people in the community and this year we are focusing on women as they have been instrumental in our society forever.”

He said CSU are proactive about teaching students about Aboriginal culture in their classes.

“I think it is fantastic that our university is at the forefront of ensuring that all students have an understanding of our culture,” he said.

“Even in our classes we are being taught about the significance of Aboriginal culture and how to be mindful of that outside of class.”

CSU Vice-chancellor professor Andrew Vann also said NAIDOC Week was a special part of each campus at CSU. 

“The University acknowledges the culture and insight of Indigenous Australians through our ethos which is clearly described by the Wiradjuri phrase ‘Yindyamarra Winhanganha’,” professor Vann said.

“This phrase means ‘the wisdom of respectfully knowing how to live well in a world worth living”.

Approximately 2.6 percent of CSU staff are Indigenous and we are supporting more than 1,100 Indigenous students to achieve their educational goals.

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