Letter: What to ban next?

My initial reaction to your story regarding a Diocese ban on school surfing (PMQ News 16th Feb) was disbelief.

The thinking of the Diocese seems to be that we will remove the children from the dangers of the remote possibility of a shark attack.

My view is that it is an attempt to stave off the possibility of a lawyers attack on the off chance of a child being injured.

Giving the Diocese the benefit of the doubt and assuming there is actually a real concern let’s have a look at what other forms of good exercise, skill and self esteem building activities the Diocese should ban on the same basis of possibility of hurt (law suit).

Golf, definitely out. Having been hit by a ball this should be the next to go.

Tennis, well look what it has led to with Kyrgios and Tomic. It is clearly not character building and leads to psychological damage..out.

Cricket, rugby league, rugby union. The risks are so obvious they should never have been school sports in the first place. There is a clear link between swollen wallets and those sports, which then gives rise to a possibility of psych damage (let alone the physical damage) in the form of greed and match fixing.

I am actually at a bit of a loss to find a sport that has no dangers attached to it. Maybe we should just ban children from doing anything, even going to school?

Oh..just had a thought, that is what a lot of kids do now, nothing, except perhaps those who go surfing.

What a world!

Wayne Barnard

Lake Cathie


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