The HUB is a space for small and micro business owners in Port Macquarie to interact and inspire each other

COLLABORATION: Port Macquarie-Hastings Cr Lee Dixon, mayor Peta Pinson and  founder of On Ramp and Co Andrew Campbell. Photo: Laura Telford
COLLABORATION: Port Macquarie-Hastings Cr Lee Dixon, mayor Peta Pinson and founder of On Ramp and Co Andrew Campbell. Photo: Laura Telford

Entrepreneurs, small and micro business owners and remote workers will now have a new place to ‘start-up’ with The HUB Pop-Up business co-working space officially opening in Port Macquarie on February 7.

The HUB, right in the heart of Port Macquarie will provide a shared space where start-ups, freelancers, remote workers, home based and micro businesses can work from, and will be a place where business owners can share resources, ideas and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in a supported environment.

Port Macquarie-Hastings mayor Peta Pinson, said the new space is already becoming a hub for innovation and collaboration.

“This is such a great opportunity for business who no longer wish to work from home, but are not yet ready to commit to leasing a full time office space,” mayor Pinson said.

“The opening of The HUB is an exciting time for me as mayor, as my background is small business so I know first hand the challenges they can face.”

Mayor Pinson also said she is excited to see where this new space is taken and by whom.

“This kind of space has been seen to work in metropolitan cities and it is great that we are now able to provide many of the same services to our small businesses in Port Macquarie,” she said.

“Many of the world’s innovative thinkers and entrepreneurs started out in co-working environments like The HUB, so it’s great for the local business community to trial a facility dedicated to nurturing small business and their ideas.

“Ultimately people using the space will benefit from the rich business network and connectivity that The HUB provides.”

Co-working at The HUB costs as little as $33 per day, and includes an open plan working environment with desks that can be used on a short or long-term basis, as well as private meeting rooms and offices.

Denis Juelicher, director of the Yoga Shala said that she is keen to come and work from The HUB once a week to encourage her creative side.

“Working from home can be great, but to be able to come and use the space once a week and interact with other like minded business people, I think will be hugely beneficial for me,” Ms Juelicher said.

Andrew Campbell founder of On Ramp and Co, a small business advisory firm, has already come on board as a permanent business using the space.

“I’m really looking forward to working alongside other motivated business owners, sharing ideas, collaborating, sharing successes and failed endeavours,” Mr Campbell said.

“I’ve been watching the success of co-working environments in Sydney and am really excited for a facility like this in our region, and I think it will be a great avenue to help create jobs, foster innovation and boost our local economy.”


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