Letter: MP turned back on history

In the end, Lyne MP David Gillespie turned his back on history and walked out on probably the most important legislation of his career.

By abstaining from voting on the Marriage Equality Bill last week, Gillespie demonstrated that he fails to govern for all his constituents in Lyne as 55 per cent of those taking part in the plebiscite supported marriage equality.

But Gillespie chose instead to join the ranks of Abbott, Morrison and other spoilers and apply his prejudice to the issue and deny Lyne voters a place in history.

Gillespie had threatened to vote against the legislation regardless of the plebiscite outcome.

So when we hear politicians declaring that they intend to govern for ALL their constituents, then we have to exclude Gillespie from that standard and now have to face the fact that Gillespie rules for those issues that suit him personally.

Stephen Ballantine

Green Point


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