Lake Cathie Local Lawyers no match for rampant Port Enduro

Michelle Nohotima in action for Diamonds.
Michelle Nohotima in action for Diamonds.

PORT Phoenix Enduro registered a big win over the Lake Cathie Local Lawyers on Saturday at Findlay Park, registering a comprehensive 31-4 win.

Enduro’s Abby Keft had a day out, hitting two home runs for her side while teammate Sarah Roswell controlled the game from the catching position.

Enduro’s brilliant fielding by most of their team is an indication of why they will be very difficult to beat in the Mid North Coast Softball Association competition this year.

In the other match, Diamonds had a strong 14-4 win against Lakers.

The result was in doubt until the final innings when Diamonds made their move and scored seven runs.

Bec Moss and Peta Greenshields had a great game for Diamonds with strong batting that helped their team to the win.

Diamonds pitcher Michelle Nohotima provided her team with the leadership and direction they need in every game, enabling them to take the win.