Poll: Should girls be allowed to choose between skirts or pants?

SEVERAL Hasting schools have uniform policies in place that will allow girls to opt for pants instead of skirts or dresses.

A recent decision has seen all Victorian schools lifting traditional uniform policies that only permit girls to attend school in a skirt or dress.

It comes off the back of research that has shown girls participate less in physical and sporting activities when confined to a dress.

A NSW Department of Education spokesperson said the public school uniform policy enables schools to choose shorts or pants as a uniform option for girls.

“Schools are required to consult with parents and students and to adopt a uniform that meets community standards and expectations, including personal factors that might affect students and their families,” the spokesperson said.

“The ability for female students to wear uniforms that are appropriate for physical activity is considered as part of this process.

“The department’s current policy also mandates that school uniforms are to meet legislative requirements covering work health and safety, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination.”

St Columba Anglican School principal Terry Muldoon noted the school has a wide range of options for all students.

“For sport and things like that where they have movement our female students can wear pants or shorts,” he said.

“We surveyed our students and parents and found the majority of students who wanted to wear long pants were seniors, and they now have those.

“Last year we were going to get rid of the summer skirt all together but the students wanted to keep it, so they were re-designed.

“We get very few complaints about uniforms. There are male and female uniforms, but what we try and do is make sure they function for the kids.

“If the girls want to run or dance, they have PE uniforms. We are conservative and our uniforms have been constantly revamped to be as functional as possible.”

John McQueen, the Coordinating Executive Officer of Parish Education, St Agnes’ Parish, said there has been no request for primary girls to wear slacks or shorts as part of the main school uniform.

“Primary girls wear shorts for sport. In secondary, the girls have the option of a skirt or long pants but the option has never really been taken up at MacKillop or Regional,” he said.

“The exception is at Newman where many of the girls wear either long pants or the black skirt.”

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