Photos and video: Port Public wowed the audience with their musical at the Glasshouse

PORT Macquarie Public School students have wowed the audience their musical ‘The Music Project’ on September 12 at the Glasshouse.

The performance was a whole school musical that involved all staff and children working together to produce an enjoyable experience for onlookers.

School teacher and writer of the play, Joanne Wilson, said she was very proud of the entire school.

“Everyone pulled together. The kids did a great job,m especially the speakers, and the staff all worked together,” she said.

“We love being inclusive at this school. Everyone was involved, the parents loved it and the feedback has been great. Everyone at the school has been on a high since the performance.”

The story is about a group of children who have an eccentric music teacher. They are rehearsing for their end of year concert and decide to tell him that they dislike the piece of music that they always perform.

They set off on a journey of discovering about music, songs and dances through the decades.

The matinee performance in the morning was enjoyed by a healthy crowd, and the 6pm session was completely sold out.

Three of the key speaker in the show, students Logan Coffey-Price, Alayna Portakaldali and Taylor Eggins loved being a part of a wonderful production.

“It made me feel so glad to know that after putting in so much effort we had the crowd cheering for us,” Logan said.

“I felt happy that the audience was really into it because we put in a lot of work. To know that everyone enjoyed it was really good. I felt on top of the world,” Alayna added.

“I enjoyed being in the show. I felt happy to see a big crowd and to know they were glad that we did so well,” Taylor said.

The school will write and perform another musical in two years time.