Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker favours compulsory plebiscite on same-sex marriage

There will be a public vote on same-sex marriage.
There will be a public vote on same-sex marriage.

The community will have a say on same-sex marriage.

The vote will occur through a compulsory plebiscite if the Senate gives it the nod. That is considered unlikely.

Otherwise a voluntary postal vote will go ahead.

Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker said the National Party was a strong supporter of giving the Australian people a say on the issue of same-sex marriage.

“I think there is nothing to be feared by allowing the Australian people to exercise their democratic right,” he said.

The Bureau of Statistics would be instructed to put a question to the Australian people if a voluntary postal plebiscite went ahead.

There is a precedent for that course of action.

The Whitlam government, when considering a change to the national anthem in the 1970s, used the Bureau of Statistics to gauge people’s thoughts on the issue.

That public opinion poll sampled 60,000 Australians.

Mr Hartsuyker believes a compulsory plebiscite is the best option and hopes the Senate will approve that option.

The Cowper MP said he did get feedback in the electorate about same-sex marriage.

“There are a group that are absolutely passionate in their support of same-sex marriage and another opposing group absolutely passionate in their wish the definition of marriage would remain unchanged,” he said.

“For the overwhelming proportion of the electorate, they are seeking us to get on with the other things front and centre in their lives like energy prices and other issues the government has to attend to.”

Mr Hartsuyker said he would respect a plebiscite outcome and vote accordingly.


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