Kevin Bloody Wilson is out to prevent global boring on this tour

Take that: A salute to the crowd Kevin Bloody Wilson style.
Take that: A salute to the crowd Kevin Bloody Wilson style.

Kevin Bloody Wilson is a comedian who doesn’t give a toss if people think he’s crass, vulgar, and not politically correct.

“I’ve never subscribed to political correctness. I know who my real friends are,” he says. They are still turning up on his doorstep despite what comes out of his mouth.

In fact he is so politically incorrect I can’t print what his answer to my opening question of ‘how are you?’. 

The larrikin performer has been shocking audiences with his outrageous humour for 32 years. “Strewth, 32 years is a bloody long time.”

His shows are what he describes as “political correctness free zones”. “But it’s not just bogan blokes who turn up. There’s an equal amount of women, grandparents to grandsons and everyone in between.”

When asked what the audience can expect on the night, he simply says: “Buggered if I know”. 

He doesn’t look his age and it’s only that we know he’s been making us laugh since his first album was released in 1984, that it’s possible to believe he turned 70 in February. 

Research tells us laughing every day is good for your health, keeps you young and, according to the adage, is the best medicine. Perhaps that explains his youthful appearance.

But, as he says, “I’m only 21 celsius”. He certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

The funny man’s knack of talking about what he sees and hears in the most natural, back to basics way, has kept him in the spotlight from outback Australia to the London Palladium.

He toured England and Wales before Christmas and Scotland and Ireland in March. Of the attacks in England and Europe he says: “Terror is always going to be part of our lives now. They’re trying to stop us from going anywhere”. 

But, in a philosophical moment he added: “Change is a constant thing in life. How you deal with it determines your quality of life”.

No matter where he performs his audience call out for his familiar songs. The lyrically abrasive but melodic ditties include DILLIGAF, Living Next Door to Alan, I Knew the Bride (When She Used to be a Mole) and Dick’taphone. Those are a few that can be mentioned without burning up the internet or printed page.

Wilson is currently writing songs for a new Christmas album. “Away with a Stranger, I Want a Ho, Ho, Ho for Christmas, Dingleberry, Whacky Baccy Christmas Tree, that’s a few I come up with so far.”

This Almost Awesome tour starts in Ballina and winds from the coast to the New England slopes and back to finish in Belmont. “It’s a very pretty part of the world. We [he and his wife] fly to Brisbane and then make our way down. We’ll visit some relies along the way.”

Also on tour is daughter Jenny Talia. “We debate around the kitchen table who’s worse, her or me.”


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