Wauchope Lions upgrade showground canteen | photos

Visitors to the 2017 Wauchope Show will see the benefits of a $25,000 state government grant to the Wauchope Lions Club canteen.

The upgraded canteen will be used for the first time during the two-day Wauchope Show which gets underway on Friday.

The Lions canteen is one of the first stops for many showgoers.

Secretary Jim Munro said the upgraded works had solved a couple of problems for the club.

“The canteen is now more secure and vermin-proof,” he said.

Lions applied for a community grant last year, which they received in May 2016.

Club members Bruce Cant, Gordon Douglas, Jim Calleja and Mr Munro were part of the committee to improve the amenities.

The upgrade included, new roller doors for better security, a new kitchen bench, new internals walls, so there’s no longer just a tin wall, correct kitchen grade flooring, and a new industrial range hood.

Oxley MP Melinda Pavey visited the upgraded canteen prior to the show.

“This is just so good. It’s fantastic,” she said.

She praised the amazing work of those who give their time for nothing.

“A lot of volunteer labour went into improving the facilities, and it means a healthier and safer working environment for the Lions, not just once a year when the Show comes around, but all year,” she said.

The improved facilities also mean the Lions canteen will become a great money maker for the community.

Wauchope Show is on Friday April 21 and Saturday April 22.