Hastings Liquor Accord welcomes news from the Department of Gaming and Racing.

AT its quarterly meeting on Tuesday (March 14), the Hastings Liquor Accord welcomed news from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR).

They announced that all misdemeanours from a venue will go with the last licensee, instead of the person who takes it over.

It ultimately means whoever buys a venue can go in with a clean slate, rather than inherit the strikes and offences of the establishment’s past owners.

The new legislation is expected to be introduced this year.

“As an example, I have a strike on my license at Settlers due to previous owners,” Liquor Accord president and Settlers Inn owner Alistair Flower said.

“With this new legislation it means I could lose that strike because I’m a new operator.

“The strike legislation is an important and effective way to keep licensed premises accountable for their actions, however it became clear that there were some circumstances that weren’t fair.

“The Liquor and Gaming Authority has identified this and are making the appropriate adjustments.

"It’s a good time for licences premises in the Hastings with tourism at an all time high and the quality of premises and operators always improving.

“Building a great relationship with police and having great transparency with other licensees has certainly helped.”

A representative from the Liquor and Gaming NSW attended the meeting, presenting to licensees and stakeholders on recent industry updates. 

“Tourism is growing in the Hastings area with a number of new venues opening,” Erin O’Brien of OLGR NSW said.

“The strength of the Hastings Liquor Accord is important in ensuring the industry is aware of its responsibilities and we look forward to working together on local ideas and real solutions.”

At the quarterly meeting, police said they were happy with how licensed premises are performing with compelling data on licensed assaults from this time five years ago.

Licensing officer John Lawrie said it was important to note any changes to the legislation will not change how the police operate.

“We welcome anything that gives opportunities to the industry,” Sgt Lawrie said.

“At the same time, we encourage people not to abuse any legislation changes that have or may come out. It won’t change the way we do things.”


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