William Tyrrell: $1 million reward for his return largest in NSW history | video

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A $1 million reward – the largest ever offered in NSW history – has been announced for the safe return or recovery of missing toddler William Tyrrell.

Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin, heading the Strike Force Rosann investigation, spoke directly to the public, and to anyone possibly involved or with information about William’s disappearance, making it clear this case will be solved.

He reinforced that the reward does not represent a loss of hope, but a proactive tool combined with both covert and overt operations to find out what happened to William.

“It’s unacceptable that two years down the track we haven’t found out what’s happened to William,” Det Chf Inp Jubelin said.

The magnitude of the investigation has included 2800 reports to Crimestoppers, 196 reports directly to Strike Force Rosann, and 1078 sightings of William. The Strike Force has collected 11,000 pieces of information and 628 exhibits, canvassed 450 addresses and interviewed 690 persons of interest.

The Strike Force, led by the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad, has been boosted by a secondary contingent - Strike Force Rosann 2 - drawing in recruitments from the Armed Hold up Squad, Sex Crimes and Fraud Squad and officers from local area commands across the state.

The person responsible for abducting William will now have to look at the people they have confided in and think well, there is a million reasons why they might betray you. So the pressure is on.

Det Chf Inp Gary Jubelin

“If you’ve got information in regards to William’s disappearance and you’ve got concerns that you could be potentially complicit in the offence by concealing the offence, that offence will be negated the moment you come to police. So that’s a big ticket item you can consider if you have been sitting on this information,” Det Chf Inp Jubelin said.

“The other thing you might be concerned about if you have this information is your identity being revealed. I can guarantee personally we can protect your identity. We can protect your safety.

“The thing you might weigh up if you have got the information you are sitting on, there is now a million reasons to come forward. 

“It’s only a matter of time before we find out what’s happened to William. If we come to you, the offer of the reward is off the table.

“Other people might have information about what’s happened to William. They might come forward. The person responsible for abducting William will now have to look at the people they have confided in and think well, there is a million reasons why they might betray you. So the pressure is on.”

A person will only have a legitimate claim on the $1 million reward if the information they provide leads to the recovery of William, he added.

NOTE: The interview starts at 8 minutes

Det Chf Inp Jubelin joined NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione and NSW Premier Mike Baird in announcing the landmark reward to coincide with the second anniversary of William’s disappearance.

“This is one million reasons why somebody out there who knows what happened should come forward and talk to us. And do it soon,” Commissioner Scipione said.

Premier Mike Baird said the abduction of the then three-year-old on September 12, 2014 tore the family and the Kendall community apart and touched the hearts of people across the nation.

“What we need to do is everything possible to bring William home,” Mr Baird said as he paid tribute to the Strike Force Rosann team.

“It’s an incredibly difficult thing to watch as a parent. Every parent across the nation sits and is absolutely in the sense of deep grief with that family as we think about these terrible, terrible circumstances.”

Strike Force Rosann is one of the largest investigations ever undertaken by the NSW Police Force, and involves a team of full time investigators and analysts. In addition, they regularly consult with the NSW Police Force’s Senior Forensic Psychologist.