Charles Sturt Uni site a win on so many levels

THE decision to base the Charles Sturt University Campus facility next to Lake Innes Village will be a big winner on many fronts.

The obvious benefit is that it will enable students travelling from nearby centres ease of access, to and from the facility along the new Oxley Highway.

But its juxtaposition with the shopping village will make it an even more attractive option for students who will be able to walk conveniently to a retail centre for everything from lunch to a haircut.

One of the unsung benefits from the announcement will be a huge longer term economic benefit for the shopping precinct itself, and the number of small businesses that ply their trade from the site.

That benefit will not only be felt in the long term, but the construction phase will also help put some bottom line into the businesses that exist, and those who see enough potential to re-locate or start up in the  village.

It’s another win-win, as is everything with the university’s development thus far.

September 12, 2012.

September 12, 2012.