Lake Cathie property owners still worried about land values

MORE property-specific coastal erosion risk notations is progress but Chepana Street property values will remain significantly reduced unless the measure is withdrawn, a homeowner says.

Chepana Street resident Paul Flemming addressed last week's extraordinary Port Macquarie-Hastings Council meeting in the interests of the 62 property owners on the ocean side of Chepana Street at Lake Cathie.

Lake Cathie is a recognised coastal erosion hotspot.

The council supports a revetment, or seawall, and beach nourishment as the management option for Illaroo Road.

The coastal erosion issue also impacts nearby Chepana Street properties.

Mr Flemming said Chepana Street properties had been been devalued on average by 43 per cent as a result of the erosion risk notation on section 149 certificates since 2008.

Notations apply to the planning certificates based on a hazard study projecting coastal erosion risks into the future.

The council is legally obliged to do so.

The council sought legal advice to confirm how it can modify the planning certificate notations to better reflect the level of coastal erosion risk.

Council's director of development and environment Matt Rogers said the council thought there was scope to be more specific about the level of risk across the 2050 and 2100 year horizons.

"We are looking at the 149 notations to make sure they are appropriate and legally correct," Mr Rogers said.

 The council has the legal advice and a report is proposed to go before the February 20 council meeting.

Mr Rogers said more specific notations on 149 certificates would give prospective buyers much more accurate information.

"The 149 certificate notations will be much more specific to properties in relation to where they sit in the hazard lines," Mr Rogers said.

A peer review of the Lake Cathie coastal hazard study made three recommendations including a geotechnical study of the extent and strength of coffee rock.

Those actions could result in changes to the hazard lines, and subsequently could result in changes in 149 certificate notations too.

The three recommendations are proposed to be included as actions in the coastal zone management plan.

Mr Flemming asked the council to give these recommendations high priority.

But Mr Rogers said it wasn't that simple as the actions were not included in the budget

Erosion at Lake Cathie.

Erosion at Lake Cathie.


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