EDITORIAL: Need for us all to stay vigilant

The most recent armed robbieres in Port Macquarie have been followed by the usual suggestions that the region has lost its innocence.

However our days of being a “sleepy fishing village” are long gone and it is inevitable that as the region’s population increases, the crime rate will increase with it.

Countless other towns and cities across the state are encountering exactly the same problem.

While it is fine to mourn the loss of the ‘good old days’ when we felt comfortable leaving our cars and homes unlocked, it will do noting to address the problem.

There is also little to be gained from pointing the accusatory finger of blame at our friends in the police force who - like so many others - do their best with limited resources.

The best response is for local residents to step up their vigilance at work and at home and support our police in their efforts. 

January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013


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