LETTER: Thanks Mr Security Guard

IT WAS Friday, November 16, 2012 at around 12.15pm and I was waiting to use the disabled toilet at Port Central. 

I am so used to people, without disabilities, using them that I just wait patiently again.  I have learnt a whole new level of patience since I gained my physical disability and visual impairment about two-and-a-half years ago.  

A good 10 minutes passed when a nice gentleman, who worked for centre management, asked me if I was OK.  When I told him I was just waiting to use the bathroom, he went over to the toilet and knocked on the door.  

A female snapped that she wouldn’t be long.   All I could think was that the security guard thinks I’m some toilet stalker or the user of the bathroom would think I was a terribly impatient person. Mind you, it was starting to get that way.  

I waited another five minutes and the security guard returned with a female colleague. They knocked, used a key and the female staff person put her head in.  

Two women came barrelling out and security started to question them and it appeared that they may not have been using the bathroom for what it was designed for.  

The security staff made sure that people were kept away from there and showed such professionalism and regard for everyone, that I would like to say thank you.  

Thank you for noticing there was an issue, thank you for caring about the general public and thank you for showing concern about me.  A job well done. 

Lea Taylor, Wauchope

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