Youngsters embrace Remembrance Day message

REMEMBRANCE Day has a very special meaning for local girl Marley Palin.

Last week she spoke at the Le Hamel, Remembrance Day service, sharing her thoughts on what the day meant to her.

"I think that's what Remembrance Day means to me," Marley said to a group of veterans and honorary Returned Services League members.

"To say, we still remember, after all these years, we still remember you. The ode, the one minute of silence, the prayers, the readings. All leading up to a final point. We may have lost you in battle, but we haven't lost what you stood for. The legacy you created, the Australian Spirt you carried."

Ms Palin said speaking to local war heroes was a great honour.

"I was so touched to be asked," she said.

The Year 10, St Columba student is wise beyond her years and her passion for those who served our country is clear as she speaks.

"I can't ever imagine having to go to war, or having friends or family going to war," she said.

"I think putting your life on the line for your country is a hard decision. These men did what they thought was right, and we owe them everything for that."

Although there may be less of us who who personally know someone who has gone to war, the issue is still as timely today as it was decades ago, she said.

"Its part of the education system and its not something that going to fade away easily," Ms Palin said.

"That's the point on remembrance day, to always remember.

Ms Palin said she believed it was extremely important for the next generation to hold on to the legacy left by those who went before them.

"This, I believe is why I am here today, this is what remembrance day means to me," she said with conviction. "The next generation taking over. I am here to tell all the members of the army, navy, air force and the doctors and nurses that we haven't forgotten. That we never will forget. Wars may end, veterans may die, nations mays rise and fall but our prayers are still here."

The deeds these men and woman did are embedded into our culture, they are a part of Australia, a part of us. Remembrance day is a constant reminder of the people who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom."

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