Something playing havoc with garage doors

STRANGE happenings are playing havoc with garage doors at some 30 homes around Clifton Drive.

Regatta Crescent residents Paul and Anne Walsh are baffled as to why their remote garage door has stopped working for the last few weeks.

No other appliances in their home have been affected. 

The couple, who moved into their townhouse new in 2007, have had experts from Hastings Garage Doors Services and Mid Coast Doors out to take a look.

Both men used a scanner to investigate the issue and the frequency indicated a strong, unknown force was messing with the doors.

Another townhouse also has been without a working door and the third in the complex works intermittently.

The experts said they had attended some 30 homes in the area with garage door issues.

The Walshes have been told there is nothing that can be done to fix the issue.

Mid Coast Doors owner Peter Bright said the usual culprit for interference such as this was a doorbell.

He said five years ago when the industry was taken off the 27 mhz frequency and put on to 433, problems such as this had arisen.

Mr Bright said so many devices had been moved to this frequency that it is overcrowded, therefore interference happens more often.

“The industry has tried to address this issue over the last five years,” he said.

Faulty door bells were the most common culprits, followed by baby monitors, he said.

“Normally, it’s short-lived maybe lasting a day or week,” Mr Bright said.

A mobile telephone tower would not cause an issue such as this, he said.

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