VIDEO: Amazing rescue of wedged-in moggy

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Curiosity didn't kill this cat, but it certainly gave it a good scare.

Firefighters were called to a property in Faulconbridge in the Blue Mountains on Wednesday to rescue a mischievous moggy that, somehow, had become wedged between a water tank and a building.

A neighbour had heard what he thought was a child crying just before 3pm and, when he went to investigate in a nearby yard, found the warbling cat trying desperately to free itself.

Sprung ... the inflatable device used to free the cat.

The good Samaritan called the Springwood Fire and Rescue NSW station, and firefighters hopped in their truck and went to the rescue.

Springwood station officer Bruce Cameron said when they arrived, they encountered one scaredy-cat.

"It was well and truly wedged in between a building and a corrugated iron water tank," Mr Cameron said.

"It was very distressed and it had lost a lot of fur trying to manipulate itself out between the corrugations. The more it wriggled, the tighter it became stuck between the building and the tank."

Firefighters freed the cat using a high-pressure airbag, a piece of equipment they would usually use at car accidents, train derailments or industrial rescues.

"We used that to push the tank away from the building without damaging the building," Mr Cameron said.

"We only had to move the tank about 50 millimetres and that gave the cat enough space to crawl out itself and it ran off and disappeared up a tree."

He said the cat had lost some fur trying to escape, but otherwise did not appear to be injured.

The firefighters have not received a follow-up call to rescue the cat from the tree.

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