Peter helps to change lives

PAUL and Christine Gibson have proven weight loss can be achieved at any age with a little bit of help.

A general practitioner broke the news to Paul that his cholesterol was high and he was carrying excess weight.

He was referred to nutritionist and dietician Peter Clark of  Healthier You on Lake Road.

Paul started out at 90 kilograms and set a target of 75.5kgs.

With help from Peter to change some eating habits Paul has managed to reach his goal weight and most importantly, unlike many on the weight loss roller coaster, has managed to maintain it.

“The big things with help from Peter was changing my eating habits and making myself accountable for the choices I was making,” he says.

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and it has made a huge difference.”

Peter advised Paul to cut the likes of bread and ice cream from his diet and to control the portion sizes.

“I feel so much better now, Paul says.

“I’m able to do things that I would have not even given a thought to before.

“I’ve competed in five and 10 kilometre runs – it’s just something I never would have done before.”

Paul lost 15 kilograms or a staggering 19 per cent of his body weight.

Christine joined the fray after seeing her husband doing so well and receiving the advice from Peter. She  she even managed to loose nine kilos or 13 per cent of her body weight.

“We are both cancer survivers and I know for me, especially, after the shock to the body and the treatment over nine months, I wasn’t in a good way,” she says.

“I just felt defeated and I struggled with my body after that.”

But after regular visits with Peter, Christine soon pepped up.

She also said she made major changes to her lifestyle and soon felt much better for it.

“It certainly helps when you have two people in the same house working toward the same direction and the same goal,” she says.

“Now we enjoy being active together like going for walks and one of the best parts is it has given us much more energy to play with our grandkids.

“We just needed that bit of refocus and training and Peter helped us with that.”

Peter says weight loss isn’t rocket science but people need to be made aware of a few things when fighting the battle of the bulge.

He says one of the most important things was not to skip meals.

“It all starts with breakfast,” he says.

“Take your time to have a regular breakfast.

“You’ll find you’re more energetic and won’t need as much food at night.

n For more information about healthy eating call Peter Clark at Healthier You on 6584 7762 or talk to your GP. There is also plenty of information available over the internet at sites such as and

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