Is it a bird, a plane, or a UFO?

IT’S the question that has been asked for generations ... is there anything  out there?

Comboyne Mountain resident Manfred Druschowitz believes he has the photographic evidence to answer the question once and for all. Yes.

Mr Druschowitz, a keen photographer, was taking photos of the full moon on various settings late last month for a project he has been working on.

He didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary when he was taking the photos but picked up strange lights in the background when he loaded the images onto his computer.

Mr Druschowitz believes his photos provide “serious evidence” of UFO activity.

The photos show several different things moving and changing in appearance.

From his experience in the airforce he believes they were stretched across a distance of 20 to 30 kilometres.

Mr Druschowitz has ruled out the International Space Station because it is a different shape and says it wasn’t star activity because other stars in the photos are stationary. He says the images haven’t been tampered with. Mr Druschowitz says plenty of people have reported seeing UFOs – including someone else in the Comboyne Mountain area – but there has been very little photographic proof.

He has shown his own photos to friends who were “stunned” and has also placed them on YouTube, where they have been attracting plenty of interest.

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