Captive-born monkey first for zoo

Source: Newcastle Herald

For the first six weeks of her life she clung to her mother’s back, unsure of her surroundings at a NSW zoo.

But the first common marmoset to be bred and born at the Nulkaba enclosure at Hunter Valley Zoo has enthralled visitors in the past two weeks as she becomes more ‘‘independent and cheeky’’, general manager Jason Pearson says.

‘‘She has become a huge hit in the past few weeks because she’s been really active,’’ he said.

‘‘She will probably cling to her father’s back occasionally now and only go back to mum for a drink but the rest of the time she’ll be off exploring for herself.’’

Mr Pearson said staff were confident the  monkey was a girl but admitted it could be difficult to tell early on. 

The common marmoset, native to Brazil, have long tails, grow to be about 188millimetres tall and have a multi-coloured fur with  brown, grey, and yellow. 

Mr Pearson said Hunter Valley Zoo was holding a competition to name its newest addition. Suggestions are being taken at the zoo’s Facebook page. 

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