Home invasion warning from someone who should know

PORT Macquarie’s latest robbery victim has a message to pass on.

He urged Hastings residents to be vigilant with belongings and while home.

The 24-year-old man, who wished to remain anonymous after the incident at Fernbank Creek Road on Monday, said he would now look at home security differently.

Although he lives in a quiet rural area he said he would now take more precautions.

“I used to leave my keys in the car and all, but not anymore,” he said.

“You just don’t expect that sort of thing at all out here.”

Although he said he had recovered from the incident he admitted he was shocked when he was confronted by two men in his home.

“I just happened to be doing bits of work from home because I was feeling a little crook,” he said.

“I heard a noise and thought it was mum and after a while I got up to go see her.

“I walked into the room and these two blokes were standing there.

“They walked toward me so I just put my hands up and started walking backwards and put my hands up and told them I’d walk this way and you walk that way [away from the house].”

He said the pair then left while he retreated to the main house and called police – and he had a glowing report for the boys in blue.

“They did a great job,” he said.

“It was only a matter of minutes and they were here. They have even called me a few times updating me on what was happening.”

Following the extensive search on Monday a 26-year-old was located with an amount of money, about three kilometres away, hiding in shrubbery along the banks of the Hastings River. 

He was arrested and conveyed to the Port Macquarie Police Station and was charged with aggravated break and enter with intent in company and numerous associated traffic matters.

The man faced court yesterday and was again refused bail to reappear by video link on January 24.

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