Conrad Curry opens new office in Port Macquarie

Local expertise: Cathy Pares has been recognised by Doyle's Guide for her expertise in medical negligence. Photo: Supplied.
Local expertise: Cathy Pares has been recognised by Doyle's Guide for her expertise in medical negligence. Photo: Supplied.

If you have been adversely impacted by the health system, you can now find expert and compassionate support in Port Macquarie.

The Law Office of Conrad Curry provides premium support for those affected by medical negligence.

Conrad Curry is delighted to announce the appointment of Cathy Pares, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, as Senior Associate in our Port Macquarie office.

Cathy is a Port Macquarie local and has a long history of providing support to those affected by negligence in the field of medical and allied health care on the Mid North Coast.

Why an office in Port Macquarie?

One of the things that drive the practice in medical negligence is the effect they can have on the delivery of health care in rural and regional areas.

When the firm opened, the focus was on helping those who had experienced the devastating consequences of negligent medical and allied health care.

"Poor resourcing, difficulties attracting specialist medical practitioners and a lack of oversight is a huge problem for the citizens of NSW living in rural and regional areas," says Mr Curry.

"We want to respond to the need for specialist legal support for medical negligence in other regional NSW areas.

"We opened an office on the Central Coast in 2019, and we are now expanding our practice to the Mid North Coast to continue our mission of improving health outcomes for people in regional areas," says Mr Curry.

"We want to raise awareness and let those affected know that there are avenues for redress," says Mr Curry.

"By engaging us, clients can depend on our expert lawyers to provide effective and compassionate support."

Why bring a medical negligence claim?

For those whose lives have been severely impacted by medical negligence, the Conrad Curry team can help. They bring a new level of expertise in health and medical law to the Mid North Coast.

"If a person claims damages for personal injuries that they have received as a result of medical negligence, they can seek compensation for their losses caused by the injuries, including the loss of income or income earning capacity, the costs of care they require provided either commercially or by their loved ones, and for the pain and suffering that they have suffered," says Mr Curry,

"Our aim is to deliver positive financial outcomes for those affected, but also provide them with answers about what went wrong and help bring about systemic change to protect others in the community from similar wrongdoing."

Are there time limits in making a claim?

"Yes, generally, a person has three years from the date on which the negligence and the injury arising from it becomes discoverable, and not more than twelve years after the negligent care and treatment.

"It is extremely important to speak with a solicitor as soon as possible for those who think they have a claim," says Mr Curry.

You can get in touch by emailing or calling 5564 1055.

We are opening our office because we want to expand our influence on the delivery of healthcare outcomes in regional and rural NSW.

Conrad Curry, owner, The Law Office of Conrad Curry