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Why the health sector has become such a desirable career path in Australia

Why the health sector has become such a desirable career path in Australia

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The health sector in Australia has experienced a great shift following the nation's first wave of COVID-19 in late March 2020.

Contrary to popular belief, however, it wasn't the pandemic itself that has caused the issues that plague our healthcare industry today.

The pandemic simply exacerbated pre-existing concerns regarding the industry's dwindling supply of healthcare professionals, alongside its counterproductive inaccessibility to tertiary students.

Under the added pressure of the pandemic, however, the health sector has experienced some major shifts that are likely to support the industry and its workers over the next decade.

Here are a few reasons why now is the time for young people to strongly consider a career in this industry.

Educational reform

One of the most prominent barriers to entry into the industry has been the complicated nature of accreditation.

Medical students have a wealth of courses and disciplines that they can select from in order to start their career as a physician, but there are so many other jobs within this sector whose career pathways have been relatively ambiguous.

That's where the Master of Public Health comes in.

Allowing tertiary students the chance to obtain a postgraduate degree in public health that spans many different avenues within the sector, ensures that students aren't forced to limit themselves to a single discipline at the very beginning of their career.

This innovative postgraduate degree will essentially allow graduates to pursue careers not only in health administration, but also in hospital and clinic management, data analytics, education and training, and potentially even secure work in the public sector to oversee government-funded public health initiatives.

The digitalisation of the industry

Alongside prompting further educational reform, the pandemic has also fast-tracked the widespread implementation of digital tools and channels across the sector.

There is a push for digital health initiatives and infrastructure now more than ever before, opening up a plethora of jobs in health IT and development.

The National Digital Health Workforce And Education Roadmap, as published by the Australian Digital Health Agency in late 2020, outlines two primary objectives: to respond to a growing need for eHealth resources for Australia's aging population, as well as provide more modern and relevant material for medical students in both classroom and work placement settings.

With a myriad of digital tools now in development, it's likely that the face of Australia's healthcare sector is set to change in a big way, making now the perfect time to jump in on ground zero.

Opportunities at every level

Drawing on both the sector's educational reform and digital development, there has been a subsequent need for healthcare professionals to take on a range of different positions, including software development consultancy, university lecturer positions, and also local, state, and federal government positions in order to oversee large-scale industry improvements.

Alongside this, there are growing opportunities for healthcare professionals to work internationally and in partnerships with Commonwealth and Asia Pacific healthcare bodies.

In the wake of COVID-19, the federal government has almost doubled the budget of its Pacific regional development program with the intention of offering healthcare and aid to countries that have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

The program is likely to employ tens of thousands of healthcare workers and other professionals across the Asia Pacific region, with opportunities available at every level and both internationally as well as domestically.


Finally, with all the developments occurring across the industry en masse and with phone consultations and electronic prescriptions becoming the new norm, there is also an increase in job flexibility across the industry, making a career in healthcare perfectly suited to the needs of Australia's young families.

Entering the healthcare industry at this point in time, essentially ensures that you'll have stability throughout your career.

As entry into the industry is growing increasingly accessible as well, it's likely that the younger generation of Australians will find both purpose and prosperity through forging a career pathway within this sector.