BBQ Wars reaching new heights on Port Macquarie's Town Green and Breakwall Caravan Park

The 2018 version of BBQ Wars was an absolute winner.

Held on Town Green and Breakwall Caravan Park - it started with teams cooking on Friday evening - saw crowds flock to the two day event.

With competition fierce and the barbeques cranked up, the taste testers were out in force.

Thousands of barbeque lovers walked around the joined sites to experience what BBQ Wars is all about.

There were plenty of returning competitors alongside first time visitors.

The music was pumping out for much of the day too.

First time competitors 4 Monkeys BBQ from Brisbane were enjoying the "outstanding views" at the event.

"I mean, seriously, every other event you go too, you are parked in the middle of a football field," the pair said.

"This just feels like we are cooking and enjoying a holiday near the beach."

The team was looking forward to the competition proper.

"There is always stiff competition, no matter where you are. It is just the nature of the beast."

Blue Smoke BBQ from Ballarat in Victoria were attending just their fourth competition.

So why come all that way?

"This is the biggest BBQ competition in the southern hemisphere. It's as simple as that," Kris Gay said.

"We been in and around BBQ competitions for about five years and really enjoy the flavours and the taste you get from cooking.

"We also enjoy the cooking side of things too.

"But it can be expensive. We've spent $16,000 on a smoker and then there are the woods, and charcoal that you need too.

The whole competition thing is a bit of a brotherhood. Almost everybody is up for a chat and a beer.

Kris Gay

"The whole competition thing is a bit of a brotherhood. Almost everybody is up for a chat and a beer."

Fellow team member Michael Gravenall said there was pretty tough battles for the competition flavours.

"That's why we tend to stick to the backyard style of flavour," he added.

A number of the competitors were returning for their multi visit to the Port Macquarie event, including Grillar's In the Mist.

And while competition is a major focus for the BBQ Wars, there is also a strong contingent of visitors who venture to Port Macquarie.

Woolgoolga's Jenny Hickman described her first taste of BBQ product at the event as "absolutely fabulous".

"Goodness me, this is beautiful," she said.

"It is just so tender and really does melt in your mouth.

"We watch all the American BBQ shows and really enjoy them. So we couldn't resist coming down to Port Macquarie to have a look at a real event.

"The taste testing is just part of it."

Port Macquarie's Colin and Julie Hunt are avid fans of BBQ Pitmasters and decided to see if the real thing was as good as the television series.

"This is beautiful food," Julie said.

"We watch Pitmasters and saw this was on and decided to come down and check it out.

"It is a really good day. It is the first time we've tasted this style of cooking.

"I had a brisket burger before ... it just melted in your mouth."

The couple said they were looking forward to next year's event already.

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