Students at Hastings Secondary College Port Campus has a colourful ending to school life

Students from Hastings Secondary College Port Campus had a blast letting their hair down for a day of colour as their schooling days come to an end.

Splendour of out of Class is now in its third year at the Port Macquarie Campus and is a whole of campus celebration developed by the students to recognised the completion of their schooling career.

Jacynta Moylan, acting deputy principal said over the years the College had developed some unique traditions for Year 12s to honour and celebrate with them.

“We wanted our students not to miss out on this legendary tradition of a fun-filled afternoon connecting the whole College community,” Ms Moylan said.

The afternoon started with a Silent Disco by Playground Sounds, followed by a dance battle between teachers and students.

“The day is fantastic and it promotes a positive environment enhancing the wellbeing of students and teachers,” she said.

Kylee Owen, part of the College Leadership team said it was a fun day for the whole school.

“The day is all about building positive relationships between staff and students outside of the classroom walls in a fun, engaging environment. The day is all about College spirit,” Owen said.

“Developing positive relationships between teachers and students is a fundamental aspect of quality teaching and student learning.”

Year 12 student Chelsea Jewell said it was a great way to end the final school year.

“It was great to let down our hair and celebrate the last 13 years of school,” Chelsea said.

“It is such a great event, and the teacher-student dance-off is fantastic.”

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