Year 12 students at Hastings Secondary College Westport said farewell to school

In their final hurrah at school students at Hastings Secondary College Westport campus participated in a day of fun activities on September 11.

From faculty lead stalls to a student teach dance off and colour run the class of 2018 went out with a colour bang, said class teacher Tammy Frater.

“Today is all about celebrating the students and all their achievements up until this point and for the school get behind them and farewell them from the school,” Ms Frater said.

“Splendour out of Class is a chance for the whole school to come together and bond as a single group and say goodbye to the leaders of our school.

“The teachers had been learning their dance battle routine for the last few weeks but at the end of the day we didn’t win. That said it did bring the teachers together and boosted morale with was great.”

Students Brittany Chandler and Theodore Howard said they were excited for the fun day.

“I guess for us it is our ‘muck up’ day so to speak as we aren’t allowed to have one,” Brittany said.

“We have less than three weeks now before graduation and exams so this was really a chance for us to let our hair down and have some fun at school.”

“We had a silent disco and dance battle with the teachers – which we won – and now the colour run should be great,” Theodore said.

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