Vocation advice high on list of positives as Port Macquarie High Schools opens doors for Education Week

Port Macquarie News, Tuesday, August 13, 1968

Gaining knowledge: Port Macquarie High School was open for inspection during Education Week, 1968

Gaining knowledge: Port Macquarie High School was open for inspection during Education Week, 1968

Popular venue: A football match at Westport Park, 1962.

Popular venue: A football match at Westport Park, 1962.

Open Night at High School

The open night at the High School last Thursday, was very well attended by parents and students.

The great majority of parents expressed satisfaction at having such an opportunity to inspect the school thoroughly and to interview teachers at leisure.

Most were surprised and happy to see the extent and variety of the latest science equipment, the high standard, modern design and colours of the needlework garments, the development of the Don Steele Memorial Library and the workshop machines and equipment in the manual arts rooms.

A team of 33 professional and trade representatives interviewed a total of 208 students re vocations and all associated aspects. Most popular interviews this year were Nursing, Civil Aviation, Library Work, Police, Surveying, Public Service, Hairdressing, X-Ray Technician, Law, P.M.G and Motor Mechanic.

The students and the staff of the school wish to publicly thank all the experts in the various fields of employment.

It is certain that lots of valuable information and ad-vice were received and another worthwhile link forged in the relationship of the school and the community.

Sporting and Leagues Club on the Move

A move to create interest in the Port Macquarie Sporting and Leagues Club has been most successful and will be discussed by the Annual General Meeting in the club rooms next Wednesday.

Formed in 1966 by the late Jack Hennessey and Milton Leabeater, the club has had an uphill battle to keep functioning, and it has only been the efforts of a few, led by Sergeant Ernie Bird, that this has been achieved.

A move to create interest in the club and enable it to have a larger committee, has received good response from various sporting bodies in the town.

Since formation of the club, the West Port Park Trust has constructed the dressing sheds and amenities block and the top section of the building comprises the clubrooms. This section has taken quite a time to finish owing to lack of finance, but is now at the stage where completion is not far off.

The club aims to assist all small sporting bodies in the town, both financially and with social recreation, when it is at full strength.

Plans are already being considered to form a Junior Football League for next season to cater for youngsters from 7 to 13 years on Saturday mornings.

The club has already received many offers of support from business house in the town, also tradesmen to assist in the completion of the building.

The municipal council fully supported the club when it applied for the lease of the area the building is on. An overall plan of the building allows for many extensions which could make the club the mecca of sporting activities on the riverfront, at the same time ably assisting the many small clubs that are in the town.

The West Port Macquarie Park Trust has also been active, and as well as maintaining the ground, has been trying to finish off the building. The trust is most grateful to the support it received from townspeople in the competition finalised at Sunday’s Rugby League game.