Elements Dreaming exhibition showcases local Aboriginal talent during NAIDOC Week 2018

For NAIDOC Week 2018, two friends with a bond like sisters are showcasing their artistic talent in an exhibition titled Tatyi Djiyagan (Sister Sister) Elements Dreaming at the Sunset Gallery.

Angela Marr-Grogan and long time friend Flic Ryan are Aboriginal artists who wanted to celebrate NAIDOC Week 2018 with an art exhibition displaying the elements earth, water, fire and air.

“The inspiration came from the 2018 NAIDOC Week theme ‘Because of Her, We Can’ and we thought it would be a great way to pay tribute to our 18 year long friendship which is now more of a sisterhood bond,” Ms Marr-Gorgan said.

“Last year we took part in a NAIDOC Week exhibition with men and women but because of the 2018 theme is all about celebrating women we wanted to do something to recognise our special bond together.

“The exhibition is a real creative collaboration of Flic’s art and specifically her weaving and my contemporary painting style.

“It is a simple and intimate exhibition but we think it is powerful in its simplicity.”

The exhibition was opened on July 7 and will run until July 15 and Ms Marr-Grogan said the exhibition is made up of four curated pieces.

“There are four main pieces which we have collaborated on together which include weaving and painting with a few other pieces tied in, which include a couple of my healing orbs,” she said.

“On opening night we were surrounded by family and close friends and it was such a fantastic way for us to showcase our work.”

She said the exhibition being showcased during NAIDOC Week was of special significance.

“For us this exhibition is all about celebrating our culture and that is what NAIDOC Week is all about.

“We also wanted to display it at the Sunset Gallery so that it was central in Port Macquarie.

“That way Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people had a chance to go and have a look.

“We are celebrating our culture during NAIDOC Week but we also wanted the wider community to feel like they can join in the celebrations.”

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