For most Port Macquarie residents NBN access is finally here as roll out of services finishes

IT IS HERE: NBN is on the tail end of roll outs in Port Macquarie.
IT IS HERE: NBN is on the tail end of roll outs in Port Macquarie.

The roll out of the NBN (National Broadband Network) broadband access network in Port Macquarie is on the home stretch, with 98 percent of homes and businesses now able to connect.

There are currently more than 38,900 homes and businesses in the Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs which are able to access an NBN connection.

It also estimates the roll out will contribute to an additional 315 – 700 in the area working primarily from home by 2021.

An additional 550 – 1050 Mid-North Coast residents could be self-employed by 2021 as a result of access to services over the network.

Head of NBN local for New South Wales and ACT, Amber Dornbusch said installation of the NBN is nearly finished.

“With our aim to help bridge the digital divide and see all homes and businesses have access to fast broadband, we are proud today to announce the roll out of the NBN access network in Port Macquarie is on the home stretch,” Ms Dornbusch said.

“Our research shows this connectivity revolution is spurring rapid growth in the digital economy and regional businesses across the region.

“In part due to the arrival of fast broadband, Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs are better positioned to compete with their city counterparts.

“Residents can work from home and create new business opportunities.” 

Today’s announcement coincides with another significant milestone for NBN Co with more than four million Australian homes and businesses now connected to nbn services.

NBN national spokesperson, Philippa Perry said it was all systems go right to the roll out’s end.

“The roll out of the NBN network in regional Australia is on the home stretch with all homes and businesses in the design, construction or able to order an NBN service from a retailer,” Ms Perry said.

“We have seen a massive improvement in regional internet access, more competition, faster speeds and in some cases giving internet access to some Australians for the first time ever.”

That is not to say the journey has been without backlash from the community with footpaths in the CBD destroyed by contractors during installation.

The NBN began its roll out in Port Macquarie back in February 2017.

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