Port Macquarie welcomes Sam Welsh home to perform at the Glasshouse in The 78-Storey Treehouse

BIG STEP: Former Port Macquarie local, Sam Welsh is set to perform at the Glasshouse.

BIG STEP: Former Port Macquarie local, Sam Welsh is set to perform at the Glasshouse.

Former Port Macquarie local, Sam Welsh is coming back to town, starring in his first professional show, The  78-Storey Treehouse.

Performing at the Glasshouse is something Sam did as a student, but coming back this time around, he said is something totally different.

“Growing up and going to school in Port Macquarie, I performed at the Glasshouse for eisteddfods and music performances but I didn’t think I would be back to perform professionally so soon,” Sam said.

“I really enjoyed my time in Port Macquarie and for me, this tour has been so long that it is really great that I can come back home and perform in front of all my family and friends, doing something that I love.”

Growing up, Sam said he was a sporty kid, but knew music and performing was what he wanted to do after study.

He decided to combine his musical background, along with his fondness for storytelling, and underwent further training in all disciplines of the performing arts at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

“I was the sporty kid, always ready to kick a ball or run around but I also played a lot of musical instruments, and it was in high school that the bug of performing was something I decided I couldn’t shake,” he said.

“Musical theatre and drama was something that developed into a passion for me and after taking a gap year I was accepted to study at a prestigious performing arts school in Western Australia.

“For me that was fantastic to be able to be in an environment where everyone was doing what they loved and I was surrounded by people who were passionate about their craft.

“It really made me want to be the best I could be.”

Sam said that touring with a professional show is a dream come true.

“After that I moved to Sydney and this The 78-Storey Treehouse my first professional show so I am really lucky to have landed such a role so soon.

“Touring has had its great and unexpected moments, but I am so grateful that everyone has been so lovely in all the places we have go to.

“The show is so crazily unexpected and for me it is fun to be in a show that is so completely removed for reality that anything goes.

“The show is based on books by author Andy Griffiths and it is about a treehouse that keeps getting levels in the house added to it.

“While it is a show for the kids I think the parents who come along will also find it funny – so it really is for the whole family.”