Students at Port Macquarie Adventist School get a lesson in storm safety from the SES

Students at Port Macquarie Adventist School had a special visit from members of the Port Macquarie SES unit on Monday, May 14.

Sereena Ward and Kathy Gordon came to the year 5/6 class to talk about the vital work the SES do as part of the students learning about natural disasters in class.

“We were asked to come along and have a chat about what the SES do, which is help people who have storm or flood damage,” Ms Ward said.

“It was great to see the students really engaging in what we were saying and they asked lots of questions about exactly the type of work we do and how we would respond in different situations.”

“I think the students were surprised that as well as responding to house or car damage the SES also help domesticated animals or animals that rely on humans to live – so anything from cats and dogs who have gotten caught somewhere to stuck cows or sheep,” Ms Gordon said.

“We focused a lot on what we are able and not able to do as we do have different roles from the Police, Ambulance and Fire guys.”

Year 5/6 teacher, Emily Bullus said the students really enjoyed the SES coming for a visit.

“The talk with the SES forms part of a unit we started last week on disasters, and today we spoke a lot about the natural disasters the students would most likely to see in Port Macquarie,” Ms Bullus said.

“From floods and storms to tsunami warnings living where we do there is always the potential to have disasters and the SES respond to a lot of them so it was fantastic for the students to be able to ask questions and talk to the people who respond when we need help.”

This comes as people right around the county will come together on May 23 and wear orange to say thanks to SES volunteers.