LETTER: Knitting Nanas to hold 'knit-ins'

The Hastings Macleay Knitting Nanas aim to rid the earth of fossil fuels as early as possible, and preferably before we leave this earth.

 Knitting Nanas don’t want our grandchildren paying the price for our fossil fuel usage.

The Hastings Macleay Knitting Nanas met with Luke Hartsukyer, MP today to discuss generating local jobs through renewable energy and phasing out fossil fuels quickly.

Our local member did not commit to renewables.  He did however, commit to fossil fuels until 2050 and does not believe renewables will be reliable enough until mid this century.  He does not see any justification in promoting renewables for the North Australia Infrastructure Fund and is not opposed to funding dirty coal such as for Adani.  

He believes Adani will not damage the Great Barrier Reef and there shouldn’t be any impediments as it has met all the environmental challenges required. Therefore, he was not concerned about any environmental impacts from Adani.

Our local member does not believe the electorate of Cowper is well served for pumped hydro as we need more storage areas for water.  

On the other hand, he does believe Cowper is currently well served with renewables as families have commited to solar power on their roofs.  He does not see the role of government as promoting more renewables through project funding for businesses to set up a renewable energy hub in Cowper.  

He believes that renewables have an equal chance for funding from government as does any other business. In Mr Hartsukyer’s view it is a level playing field for all business applicants.

Our local member would not commit to funding local renewable energy businesses in Cowper in order to generate local jobs.

As a consequence, the Hastings Macleay Knitting Nanas will sit and knit outside his office every second Tuesday, from 2-3 until the Australian government stops funding fossil fuels.  The next knitting session will be Tuesday March 13 followed by Tuesday March 27 at 2 pm.

Please come and join us at 146 Gordon Street in Port Macquarie next Tuesday.

Colleen Carmody

Port Macquarie


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