Students at Hastings Secondary College – Port Macquarie are making small changes to help the environment

Students at Hastings Secondary College – Port Macquarie campus are getting right behind the new recycling stations in town by rolling up their sleeves and raising money to help the school community.

Student Representative Committee (SRC) member, and year 12 student, Dorothee Steinbach, said the recycling program is all about collecting bottles and cans around the school and recycling them so the SRC can continue to help students.

“The SRC is quite passionate about the environment and recycling and we really wanted to lead by example by picking up rubbish,” Miss Steinbach said,

“And with the new return and earn station in town we can use the money from the cans and bottles we recycle to raise funds to help projects at school.

“It all came about because our teacher told us about the new return and earn station and we thought it would be a great way to show people recycling can be fun as well as good for the environment.”

Tayla Dures, another member of the SRC, said the SRC were passionate about inspiring others to ensure they are thinking about the environment.

“At school we had a video making competition last year and one group made a video about how turtles are dying due to the pollution in the ocean, but it was done in a really funny and engaging way, so after everyone saw it, we all wanted to do something to help the environment,” Miss Dures said.

“Our recycling program is about making small positive steps so that together we can do our part of the environment.”

Students sorting the cans and bottles they collected at school.

Students sorting the cans and bottles they collected at school.

Teacher and staff representative on the SRC, Stewart Heddles, said he was impressed with how the students have taken to the project.

“When I became involved with the SRC it was obvious the students were concerned about the environment and also about fundraising for school activities, and with the new return and earn stations I thought it would be a great thing the students could do,” Mr Heddles said.

“From my point of view it is great to see students wanting to change the school’s culture and wanting to put an emphasis on recycling and being more environmentally friendly.

“With Clean Up Australia Day coming up members of the SRC will be out cleaning up our beaches to further promote the importance of our environment.”

Mr Heddles also said that after the recycling program for cans and bottles gets momentum, the SRC is looking to lend their help to the Ban the Bag campaign.

“The SRC is thinking that they might get behind the Ban the Bag campaign as the school year continues and the recycling program picks up speed,” he said.

Students at the return and earn station.

Students at the return and earn station.

Year 8 students, Miah Noble and Jacob Lewis, are also members on the SRC and say thinking about the environment and how students can get involved in cleaning up the school is something everyone should take seriously.

“We should all be thinking about the environment and doing something now, even if it is small, has the ability to effect the planet positively into the future,” Mr Lewis said.

“Just picking up your own rubbish and making sure it goes into the right bin is something everyone should be doing and it is so easy,” Miss Noble said.


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