Letter: Be responsible and bag your dog’s poo

We have recently become the proud owners of a puppy and he has reached the age where we can take him out of our yard for walks in the neighbourhood. 

What we immediately noticed was the amount of uncollected dog poo on the front lawns and footpaths of our neighbour’s houses obviously left there by irresponsible dog owners. 

In some places a particular tree or power pole is clearly a prime poo pit stop given the quantity of defecant surrounding it. 

It is hard enough teaching our puppy to walk on a lead without it wanting to stop and sniff other dogs scat every few yards. 

I can only imagine what our visiting tourists think as they walk from their accommodation to the beach. 

Surely its not too hard for dog owners to carry a poo bag to collect their dog's waste as is required by the Companion Animals Act. 

Please stop being irresponsible dog owners. Do your duty and remove your dog's do do before you walk on.

Rod Maguire

Port Macquarie


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