LETTER: Build breakwalls at Lake Cathie, that will help jobs

Hidden unemployment and under employment. 

The electorates of both Lyne and Cowper suffer from these economic conditions where smaller amounts of industries compared to larger cities created limited opportunities for jobs and careers.

The amount of unemployed in our region has always been big compared to the major cities. Even obtaining an educational qualification does not guarantee a person with some form of employment.

Many people leave the region to try better jobs or education in the large cities. Sometimes this works other this it does not. Even obtaining educational qualifications does not assure your chances locally or elsewhere.

The prime minister Malcolm Turnbull was talking about new infrastructure projects that will create jobs like the Snowy Mountain project from history.

Thus Mr Gillespie and Mrs Williams will you discuss providing Lake Cathie with two breakwalls to create jobs and stabilising the mouth of Lake Cathie for locals and tourists alike from the Prime Minister?  

Stuart John Pearson

Port Macquarie


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