LETTER: Writer concerned about, Lake Cathie and petrol pricing

How come the federal member for Lyne Dr David Gillespie and the state member for Port Macquarie Leslie Williams have done nothing about the mouth of Lake Cathie. 

This problem has been going on for over 40 years and needs proper attention by the creation of a breakwall on both sides of the mouth to the lake.

When will something finally get done to fix the problem of the water flow here? 

Many people from Port Macquarie have taken the 20 kilometre drive to Lake Cathie to experience the recreational benefits here. 

It is about time that both 'Capitol Hill' (Canberra) and Macquarie Street do something about the problem here and fix it up with funding for two breakwalls. 

Also after returning from an interstate trip north how come I was able to get petrol 5 cents a litre cheaper in Kempsey compared to Port Macquarie? 

As I know Sydney determines the prices throughout NSW so these persons here need to be dealt with.

Stuart John Pearson

Port Macquarie