LETTER: Writer says Buller and Hollingworth street intersection is a shocker

Having written three letters two years ago pointing to the unsatisfactory intersection arrangements at the Buller Street and Hollingworth Street intersection.

I believe I have been vindicated this week by my witnessing two accidents at this location, the second occurring on Wednesday and at which a number of emergency service vehicles attended.

As previously indicated, I can observe the traffic at that intersection from the balcony of our unit overlooking the area and I am appalled at the safety issues witnessed at that location.

Vehicles turning right from Hollingworth Street are regularly delayed for long periods of time or take considerable risk in entering the intersection prematurely.

The traffic travelling west along William Street over the bridge-which reduces vision of the oncoming traffic for those waiting to enter from Hollingworth Street-is often approaching at speed.

Furthermore, traffic crossing the intersection to and from the parking area on the river side adds another dimension to the congestion and confusion  at that intersection.

The addition of a pedestrian crossing on the town side of the intersection has provided some protection for pedestrians but it is still a perilous crossing at peak hour, particularly for young children and older residents.

I would suggest, as a minimum means of reducing the hazard, it should be designated a full blown pedestrian crossing -which requires traffic to give way – before there is a serious injury as traffic continues to increase rapidly particularly in high tourist periods.

Following my previous representations to  council I was informed that they had a plan to address the problem. I suggest it is time that they undertook that work before their is a serious injury at the location.

We all realise that such work will require significant funding but surely the safety of our residents should be the paramount concern in that regard.

Owen Hasler

Port Macquarie


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