Readers say that support AMA's calls to ban advertising junk food

How much sugar: Check out how much sugar is in some of our more popular drinks.
How much sugar: Check out how much sugar is in some of our more popular drinks.

Port Macquarie-Hastings residents appear to support a ban on the advertising and marketing of junk food to improve our health prospects.

The AMA has called for a ban, which includes the removal of vending machines, as part of a push to overcome obesity in Australia.

In a position statement on Nutrition 2018, which was released on January 5, AMA president, Dr Michael Gannon, said that eating habits and attitudes toward food are established in early childhood.

“The AMA is alarmed by the continued, targeted marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks to children,” he said.

“Children are easily influenced, and this marketing – which takes place across all media platforms, from radio and television to online, social media, and apps - undermines healthy food education and makes eating junk food seem normal.

“Advertising and marketing unhealthy food and drink to children should be prohibited altogether, and the loophole that allows children to be exposed to junk food and alcohol advertising during coverage of sporting events must be closed."

In a flood of comments on the Port News Facebook page, many of you supported the calls.

Some went further.

While Jamie Vogele agreed with the ban, he said instead of sugar taxing, healthy options should be made more available and cheaper to purchase.

Jill Keating said: Agree with this totally. All the health initiatives the Government is proposing are only useful if people actively seek out this information and then actually take notice of it.

Another comment from Donna Benstead read: I dont know why everyone sees a problem with reducing the exposure to sugar. 

I have a 12 yr old who isnt really intrested and a 2 yr old who i cannot do ANYTHING to stop his sugar cravings...likr he was born to know and seek sugar everything. They were brought up the same... 

We dont need it in our faces all the time.

But there was also another view.

John Parker said: Advertising doesn't twist your arm or make you go to the shop or force you to part with your still have the power to say NO! remember, its still your choice, do not allow the system to decide for us.??

He was supported by Gina Williamson who said: I agree. Individuals need to take responsibility for themselves and their children.

Phillip Gordon said: Well last time I checked I was an adult and able to make my own decisions on what I consume. How can you let someone else take control of your choices?

The Mid North Coast Local Health District removed all sugary drinks from sale from its health facilities in December.

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