Letter: We need a bridge

Doesn't the Council get it! Port Macquarie needs a bridge!

It was bad enough 35 years ago when I first came here to live! 

Now, we have increased number of residents, service people and probably three-fold the number of holiday makers and weekend leisure seekers all needing to get across the Hastings River and back daily.

The ferry system is archaic in 2018...where much smaller townships have the convenience of a bridge. 

We have weathered flood and fires, work with great pride to keep the northside of Port Macquarie clean and beautiful ... to help share the beauty of this ecological paradise with everyone who love and continually return to Port Macquarie.

I swear, as I listen to tourists comment as they shake their heads, each one will not risk this chaos again.

As rate payers we deserve to be looked after better. 

A modestly built bridge would benefit everyone. 

Surely a joint effort could be sought with governments given that the ferry is purely an extension of a quite important road, and incidently was free, because of that fact, when I purchased my land here in 1982.

Let's really get this so very important issue addressed and resolved asap - like NOW ... along with tarring and sealing Maria River Road, before there is another major crisis over here. 

Geraldine N Carter-Smith

Port Macquarie


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