Letter: Ocean baths a priority

As a long term resident of Port Macquarie I have listened to the murmurs and ongoing debate regards an ocean pool/baths in the area.

The idea was first mooted about 30 years ago and the chatter seems to roll on without action.

The recent events where two young people lost their lives swimming at local beaches paints a dark picture.

I have surfed, swum and sailed around the world and I can tell you categorically that the Lighthouse Beach - Town Beach stretch of coastline is among the most treacherous I have come across.

Major currents, consistent rips and sand movement make every beach on this stretch an accident waiting to happen.

This is no longer an issue about a community wanting to massage its ego with yet another attraction to lure tourists.

It is no longer a privilege, but an absolute necessity.

Visitors to the area, as well as locals need a safe and secure location where they can relax and enjoy the ocean, not have to stand like sentinels on beaches watching every move of their loved ones.

I am pleading with council to fast track plans to build an ocean bath that removes the spectre of danger that dwells at every Port Macquarie beach.

Steve Hall

Port Macquarie


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