Greg Cummings and Brucey are recovering after Bonny Hills crash in December, 2016

LIFE CONTINUES: Greg and his bird Brucey are taking it one day at a time. Photo: Ivan Sajko.
LIFE CONTINUES: Greg and his bird Brucey are taking it one day at a time. Photo: Ivan Sajko.

Twelve months on from his horror crash at Bonny Hills, Greg Cummings says his goal in the next year is to get back on a bike.

Greg had his leg, amputated above the knee following the crash on November 2, 2016 and says the recovery process is still ongoing.

“I have my days, some days I can get depressed about a lot of things.

“Before the accident I had a lifestyle, I rode my motorbike most days and now it is a big deal to get out of the house, so the lack of independence is hard,” Greg said.

At 15-years-old Greg had a bike and learners permit when he was living in South Australia and said things are certainly different these days.

“As soon as I could I had a bike, it was part of who I am,” he said.

“Then one day everything caught up with me and it was taken away in an instant,” he said.

Greg said the last year has been full of changes and challenges. He has a wheelchair to use around the home and is learning to walk on a prosthetic leg.

“My house had to be modified so that I could use the wheelchair,” he said. 

“I only use the prosthetic when I go outside but even that I have had some problems which are still being sorted out.”

Reunited with his pal Brucey shortly after the accident, Greg said his galah still has prized position on his shoulder.

“Brucey lost a few feathers in the accidents but when we were reunited all she wanted to do was climb up on my shoulder and take up her favourite position, which she still does today.”

Looking at the next 12 months, Greg said he is going on a roadtrip with a friend and wants to explore getting a three wheeled bike.

“I’m not the happy person I used to be 15 months ago but I am still here which is the main thing.”


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