Letter: Where is the Christian outrage about refugees?

Where is the Christian outrage at the immoral treatment of refugees who came to us for help?

Christians should be aware, if they have actually read the words attributed to Christ Himself, He was unambiguous in his condemnation of people, and indeed Nations, who did not help refugees. Matthew 25: 31-46.

Some Christian churches and other religious organisations recently spent millions of dollars campaigning for a NO vote in the SSM survey even though The Gospels only have one small passage on heterosexual union, inconveniently followed by a strict prohibition on divorce, and do not mention homosexuality once.

If the Christian lobbyists were to pressure the government to behave as Christ instructed on the rights of refugees with the same force as they used on the SSM issue we could relieve the suffering of those poor folk on Manus and Nauru.

The fact that our, so-called, Christian Government doesn’t care about the plight of those poor refugees means that all their self-righteous tub thumping, the parliamentary prayers and “in God we trust” rhetoric is just rank hypocrisy.

If we say nothing about this injustice we are condemned by our silence.

Jeremy Bradley, Beechwood


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