Letter: Deer culling concern

As usual the council staff do not have the decency or respect to notify ratepayers surrounding the Rosendahl Reserve that they will be culling animals in the reserve. 

An absolute disgrace and total lack of respect for residents’ fears, domestic animals.

Why is it we have to phone the Port Macquarie police after gunfire in the reserve to find out that the council staff or their contractors have been culling animals in the reserve.

All we ask is that we are fully informed. Those with PTSD will appreciate the prior notice. 

All other councils do a letter drop before an action takes place. Why can't the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council do the same?  

Pretty bloody slack if you ask me.

Dave Blackstock, Port Macquarie

Council response, Acting Director Dan Croft:

Council is undertaking deer culling in Rosendahl Reserve, as we have done for many years as a member of the Hastings Wild Deer Working Group that aims to reduce the deer population within the area. This occurs under an approved pest control plan which outlines strict operational procedures and safety requirements.  

The aim of the culling is to reduce the immediate risk the deer present to our water supply in Rosendahl Reservoir, and also in adjacent areas to reduce the risk of vehicle accidents, impact on sensitive vegetation and damage to surrounding residential property (gardens and fences). 

Council is only able to undertake culling on council land and importantly, only does this where it is assessed as being safe to do so. Notification of culling activities to adjacent residents has not occurred, as past practice indicates this increases the risk of unauthorised access which leads to greater risk to the local residents and those involved in the operation. 

Council informs local police of all planned culling activities and contacts them immediately on completion. 

This ensures police are able to respond to any inquiries and advise residents if the reported activity is authorised or not.


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