Timbertown sign in Wauchope signals yes for same-sex marriage | video

There’s a rainbow at Timbertown Heritage Park in Wauchope and it’s going to be there for a while.

The owners have painted the iconic sign in the colours of the rainbow to show that they’re in favour of same-sex marriage.

As Australians say yes or no in a postal vote, Timbertown owner David Waite says the family think it’s important to stand up for what they believe in.

“We are lucky to have something that’s iconic,” said Mr Waite.

“And the reaction so far has been very positive.  I’m overwhelmed by the positive response and there has only been a small amount of negative opposition.

“Everybody has the right to their own opinion – I support that.  As a family, we are proud of our achievements in standing up for what we believe in,” he added.

David and his wife, Alison and their children took it in turns to paint the letters, and he said they enjoyed coming together as a family to do something they feel strongly about.


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