Letter: What’s the outcome?

The most likely future outcomes of the same-sex marriage postal plebiscite are more conflict and more litigation. Secular society is taking over by default because our moral culture is in crisis. The temporal and spiritual role of religion is needed more than ever to combat this cultural and moral war.

Christian Brugger recently observed that: " In Australia, there is an astonishing level of religious ignorance and oblivion.  Religion is simply not in the daily categories of thinking...". This observation would appear to be correct because at the last census 52% of Australians said that they were Christians but the Bible explicitly speaks of marriage as a covenant of companionship between a man and a woman: the close, intimate relationship of a husband and wife to one another.

Laycock and Berg observed: "For religious believers, the conduct at issue is to live and act consistently with the demands of the being that they believe made us all and holds the whole world together. No religious believer can change his understanding of divine command by any act of will... Religious beliefs can change over time... But these things do not change because government says they must, or because the individual decides they should... The religious believer cannot change God's mind." 

Fifty two per cent of Australians are a majority but do these Christians really understand or believe in their religion? Or are they going to rebel and be hypocritical like the Irish?

Brian Winship

Port Macquarie


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